What’s in my bag(s)

The bags:

My main bag is a LowePro Flipside 400AW and it is a great backpack. I can comfortably fit all my camera’s and lenses in there and have room to spare for a flash, filters, tripod mounting plates and any other trinket I care to have with me. It also has room on the outside for two water bottles and a tripod. It works perfect as storage for my stuff and I can take it anywhere I want. It accompanied me on two trips to the UK (some photos of those trips can be seen here).

It does get a bit heavy fully loaded and when only packing a little it does look a bit foolish. Also, to open the bag you have to lay it on the ground or on something as the piece that rests on your back is the part that opens up. Very handy because this makes it hard to steal anything from it!

For walking around town and when I don’t need all my equipment I have the very handy National Geographic Medium Shoulderbag (NG 2476) It has room for a 14″ laptop (which I happen to have), plenty of space for day-to-day stuff and a little padded bag for a camera with lens and two more small to medium lenses, or a flash, or some other stuff. Now it does fit my D700 with lens and some extra’s but that makes it really heavy and recently I bought a camera that’s not too heavy for carrying around all the time and it fits and works a treat!

EDIT: Once again this page has become completely irrelevant due to my ever-changing collection of camera’s and lenses. The D700 has gone, the 50mm has gone and a dedicated video camera has come. Hoping to update this page sometime!

The big boy bag:

Nikon D700 (with MB-D10) and  Nikkor 85mm f1.8:

My trusty friend. Nikon D700. A bit older, but still a very capable camera. The batterygrip ensures I never ever run out of battery and it saves my wrist when shooting portraits. Paired with my absolute favorite lens, the Nikkor 85mm f1.8. This lens is the one that is on my camera the most and I would not get rid of it for any reason other than getting a f1.4.


Nikon 50mm f1.8:

Another very nice lens, the Nikkor 50mm f1.8. The Plastic Fantastic, the one you have to own. Very useful lens for street, half and full body, product, and concert photography. I use it just a little bit less than my 85mm.

Tokina 28mm f2.8:

This little gem I found online for a few euro’s, without rear lens cap or any info but I decided to take the guess (as I do quite often). This one really amazed me. The feel of the focus ring is superb. well dampened and it lets you get good focus very easily. Quite sharp and very usable at f2.8 and stopped down a little it’s it performs much, much better then I dared dream of. Only modification I made was add a 49mm to 52mm step-up ring so my filters and lens caps fit.

The rest:

My Yongnuo 560II and 560III flashes and 560TX transmitter.

A Nikon 4T Close-up Attachment lens. A 52mm close up lens that just screws into the front of your lens and let’s you focus a lot closer. Works really well on a 50mm lens or, if you have one, a 100mm or 105mm

A Circular Polarising filter. I don’t really use this one a lot but it is very nice to have and it can come in very handy sometimes.

A lens cloth. You got to have at least seven thousand of those.


The carry around all the time bag:

FujiFilm X-Pro1:

Now this beauty is the newest addition and it rides solo in the National Geographic bag. As the bright of you might have noticed, no lens. That’s right. I bought this camera as a body only. So a bit useless then. Luckily I currently have in my possession a very handy tool. A Nikon F to Fujinon X mount converter. So I can use my Nikon lenses on the X-Pro1! Currently my Tokina 28mm f2.8 is mounted, giving me a focal length of 42mm, very nice for street photography.

With the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 mounted this is a more than capable portrait setup that I like almost as much as the combination of my D700 and 85mm. I wonder if the Fujinon 56mm f1.2 could make me forget my Nikon altogether.

Now that does make it a little big and cumbersome because I have to manual focus. Manual focussing on this camera really Isn’t that hard on the most recent firmware, but I am looking at the Fujinon 35mm f2 and f1.4, which are both very nice. As soon as a new lens arrives it will be added to this list!


The closet

Yes, of course there is also a bunch of stuff that is usually not in my bag. My pop-out studio background, reflectors, flash umbrella’s, beautydish, light stands, (cheap)continuous lights and I’m sure there is a bit more. But I’ve also got a few old lenses that I don’t always carry.

A Tokina SD 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 macro and a Tokina SD 70-210mm F4.0-5.6. Both very nice lenses at around f8. Brilliant cheap lenses that really perform once you get to know them, especially on a crop body like the X-Pro1 but I only take these with me if I plan to shoot landscapes or anything on a tripod.

Ah, yes, the tripod. Currently I do not own a tripod but I do have an excellent Gitzo G1228 on loan and it really suits my needs.

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